High Wet Strength Pulper

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Disc Thickener

High Wet Strength Pulper

With the development of various new products in the domestic paper industry, the use of special paper and special materials is more and more widespread. But now the domestic general pulping equipment can not meet the requirements of crushing, thinning special materials and wet strength waste paper, the urgent need to develop a new type of pulping equipment.

   The wet strength pulper is a new product which digested and absorbed the Tornado Pulper from Bolton Emerson, USA.

It is a new product developed by absorbing the technology of Tornado Pulper from Bolton Emerson. It is specialized in processing high wet strength waste paper and has the effect of common pulper.

   It is mainly applied to mechanical pulping of waste materials such as wet strength paper and insulation paper, and is the ideal equipment for regenerating pulp making of high wet strength paper and long fiber pulp. It opens a new road for paper industry to use special materials and reduce production cost.

The main technical characteristics of the equipment.

  • It has unique sparging effect on processing high wet strength paper, can replace high concentration hydraulic pulper and reduce the work load of high frequency sparging machine. It can greatly reduce the amount of chemicals added and reduce the heat consumption. It is a special equipment for processing wet strength paper such as fruit bag paper, decorative raw paper, hand towel paper, banknote paper, release paper and cotton pulp fiber, with the characteristics of good pulping quality, large production capacity and low electricity consumption per ton of pulp.
  • Unique structure design.

   (1), the unique design of the rotating stator structure, effectively solve the continuity of the large pulp crushing, effectively avoid pulp blockage, wet strength paper by strong mechanical shear and rubbing the dual role of the pulp crushing more fully and thoroughly.

   (2), stirrer has the dual role of stirring and forced feeding. Raw materials in the broken at the same time play a strong sparring effect. Wet strength paper in the strong mechanical shear at the same time to get fiber wet swelling, promote the internal penetration, destroy the fiber bond, accelerate the speed of fiber dissociation, greatly reducing the time of pulping.

   (3), pulp through the fiber decomposition area, through the gap of the rotor and stator knife, with the rotor and the centrifugal pumping effect generated by the pulp slice, automatically through the circulation pulp tube, flow back to the pulp tank, to achieve an automatic cycle of pulping, the time can be adjusted and mastered according to the raw material. It has the function of wide adaptability to the raw material and multi-purpose of one machine.

   (4) This equipment reduces the dosage of chemicals, improves the pulp yield, reduces the pressure of the work in the back sequence, and reduces the difficulty of pulp waste water treatment. It is the choice for processing high wet strength waste paper to produce toilet paper and special paper.

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