HENGDA capabilities for recycled fiber production.

We deliver complete production lines or individual components for the recycling of packaging grades or fibers containing ink deposits for the wastepaper processing and recycled fiber production.

The challenge

While recycling paper products is a wonderful way for consumers to assist in the re-use of natural resources, the processing of recycled fibers puts new demands on papermakers. Some of the key challenges are how to handle the varying quality of incoming materials, how to remove contaminants (glues, metals, inks, etc.) before the papermaking process, and how to increase the yield of recycled fiber production to make it economically beneficial.

The solution

HENGDA provides technologies for recycled fiber processing and stock preparation, including sludge and water handling applications. These technologies are proven in reference installations around the world. They have one common purpose – process and deliver high quality fiber with the highest yield and the lowest energy consumption. Our technology portfolio for recycled fiber producers comprises world-class equipment for all major categories of wastepaper: deinked, old containers, old magazines or newspapers, office waste, etc. All main processes are covered: from initial wastepaper handling to pulping, cleaning, bleaching, and preparing the stock for the paper machine. Every component is designed to work independently in a rebuild or modernization application, or perfectly integrates with other HENGDA machinery in a complete line for new installations. Experienced HENGDA project teams give you support during engineering, planning, erection, and start-up of your mill. Technical and service support is at-the-ready throughout the life of the equipment.

HENGDA screening and fiber recovery

Increasing the efficiency and economy of chemical pulping

The improved energy efficiency of today’s fiberlines is not just a result of size and scale. Considerable design and development effort by HENGDA has resulted in innovations such as the Dolphin screening technology and fiber recovery systems, as well as process, product, and control packages that improve efficiency and save energy.

Technology investments that yield maximum returns

In terms of economic payback and operational efficiency, investments in modern screening technology can yield the best returns. As pulp mill capacities rise (the largest today exceeding 1.75 million tonnes per year in a single line of production), screening technology has also advanced at a proportional rate to ensure throughput, quality control, and to avoid being the bottleneck in the fiberline.

HENGDA superior screening solutions

HENGDA screens and fiber recovery solutions have the throughput to match even the world’s largest fiberlines. They deliver high unit capacity with simple, efficient designs. High shive removal efficiency with minimum fiber loss ensures excellent performance. HENGDA screening systems are based on many years of process knowledge combined with the latest innovations confirmed through trials with the world’s most demanding pulp producers.

Service, repair, and rebuild to revitalize your screening equipment

Process optimization and equipment upgrades help you to keep productivity and quality at a high level. Our experts develop concepts based on audits, inspections, and services to make sure your screening system operates with maximum efficiency. HENGDA supplies rebuild and upgrade services for all screening spare parts. For example, rebuilding/exchanging rotor foils to extend the rotor lifetime. HENGDA also offers rebuilds and upgrades for screen parts, such as bearing units, housings, and seals. Screen rebuilds and upgrades are available from HENGDA for all major pressure screens.

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HENGDA is your technology and service partner for the production of pulp, paper, tissue, and board – and in the generation of power from renewable resources.

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